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Why Men Should Run rather than Go to the Gym

This doesn’t mean to say that the gym is not a good way to break a sweat. It is still highly recommended, especially among those that love to keep their body lean. There are other factors, too, that will make you an even better person than before. But there is a slew of benefits that you’ll only get from running, which is why it is better for men to be running. It is not only the aesthetics part that this is being targeted but also the mental plus many other health benefits.

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Choose the Best Running Gear

One of the greatest things about when you run is that it has a universal appeal that is not only limited to that expensive membership costs or the need in having a fancy equipment. With all that said, while you can do a couple of kilometers done with just your old T-shirt, trainers and a pair of shorts, a kit that is designed for such task will even improve your running experience by making you look and feel better doing it.

Here are the basics.

Running Shoes
Some people would say that buying running shoes is not that complicated at all. Others think it is. There is a high probability that the latter is thinking about the ordinary rubber shoes, but choosing the running shoes can be quite a complex process. There are so many technical features that have names wherein it can even make your head spin. However, these are only exaggerations made by people that have not got a clue on how to choose proper running shoes.

Getting the right size.
The best way to try out the running shoes is wearing them. Make sure you do the laces up and tight then try to walk around the store. The heel must have no room for movement. The toes must be spayed out naturally, and not pushing against each other, not even the slightest bit. Make sure that it is perfect when you feel around the toes whether you are standing, sitting or in a forward-leaning position. If the width and length feel perfect, but you find, but the toes are cramped, choose roomier running shoes next.

Get to know the features.
All the modern shoes come with a breathable upper, but they have varying grip and cushioning. If you are running off-road, go for a trail shoe. The grippy sole it’s got will keep you at a stable level when running on rocky terrain. If you wish to stick on the pavement, get the road shoe. The lightweight foam sole it’s got will lessen the energy that you have to expand on every stride.

You also need to get your gait analyzed at the running shop to determine the kind of support that you need. Most people are neutral runners, but when you find your foot rolls inwards or outwards too much, you might have to consider a pair of running shoes that need to compensate for it.

Running T-shirts
Running T-shirts are the ones that are designed for rigorous runners as it will help regulate the body’s temperature, draw the moisture away from the skin and will do everything in its power to make sure that the nipples aren’t going to bleed when you are running a marathon.

Acquiring the right size.
Just like with choosing a pair of running shoes, it is also important that the size of the other equipment must be checked out, too. This is very important since it will protect your nipples against abuse. Fits vary from the likes of Superman to those that look so baggy like the uniform you’ve worn during PE class. The heavier and looser the material, the highly likely that chafing is going to happen. Go for the ones that you feel you are most comfortable with.

When you feel some aching on your back, you need to aim for a T-shirt that has built-in compression. If not, the other thing that you need to consider is how the material is capable of keeping you dry and cool. Breathability and moisture wicking features are 2 of the most standard and must be the first factors to tick on your list.